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Sudhanshu Palsule, PhD


Sudhanshu Palsule is an award-winning educator, CEO Advisor and
leadership coach, regarded as one of the leading thinkers in the field
of Transformative Leadership. He teaches at Duke CE and is an
Associate Professor in the Advanced Management Program at
INSEAD. He also teaches at other business schools including
Helsinki School of Economics and the Indian School of Business. His globally run leadership workshops are renowned for their transformative impact and the creation of change. His clients include several Fortune 100 companies, Governments, and organizations in the public and civic sector such as the U.N.


Sudhanshu’s work on leadership is a unique combination of three decades of the exploration of human cognition and behavior and the new research emerging from neurology and psychology coupled with his training in quantum physics. The notion of  “self-ware” coined by him – the program of thinking, emotions, and beliefs that drives us – remains central to his work on leadership. Only high-grade self-ware is capable of the three requirements of leadership:  clarity of thinking, mastery of emotions, and the choice of enabling beliefs.


Sudhanshu works as a CEO Advisor and works with senior management teams assisting them in creating breakthroughs in their thinking and in the way they operate. With a natural gift for facilitating difficult conversations, Sudhanshu guides and coaches executives to overcome their obstructive assumptions and practices so as to lead effectively. His stint in the industry, first as Head of Organization Development for Anglian Water, and then as a Senior Advisor for Leadership Development to the UN, keeps him firmly grounded in the real world. pragmatism. The tough, straight-talking approach coupled with his spiritual presence, compassion and humor, along with his mentoring and public speaking skills, has endeared him to audiences around the world.


He has written several books including Science, Technology, and Social Change, Managing in Four Worlds,  The Ecology of Organizations, and Leadership – African Style. His new book, Self-ware, is due for publication at the end of 2013. He has a Doctorate in Quantum Physics and is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology.

uk contact:

Sudhanshu Palsule
+44 7789 261567

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